Hi there! I'm Abby, set to graduate from the University of Kansas in May, with a keen interest in branding, type design, and creating immersive experiences. Outside of design, I love exploring new foods, expanding my wardrobe, and diving into a good book. I'm always up for a cup of coffee, so feel free to reach out if you want to chat and discuss all things design!


*Graduation May 2024
*4.0 GPA

An international design award hosted by The Design Kids. A chosen 30 young designers were picked by 10 industry leaders who were told to pretend they were hiring for a junior role. My portfolio was chosen by Alex Center: “It’s a really hard thing to balance design that feels contemporary while also being commercial. Her work is both incredibly well crafted while having a sense of energy. Abigail has found a way to make a paper clip packaging exciting and modern, a speakeasy feel not tired, and a meal delivery service look chic. That’s not easy to do. Bravo.”
*Winner / Award Site 

The National Student Show & Conference (NSSC) is held annually in Dallas and hosts students from across the nation. The awards are broken down into categories that often have subgenres. I was awarded in the General Design category for my branding of The Ransom 
*General Design

I’ve had the opportunity to be a designer for the Kiosk magazine which is a bi-annual student-run publication (along with student-only submissions). I have spent the past few months collaborating with a literature staff and other student designers to put together a publication with over 100 pages of art and literature. After careful consideration of what message we wanted to convey with the 69th edition – we finally landed on the theme Obscura. "Obscura" draws its inspiration from the concept of the camera obscura—a device that captures an inverted reflection of the outside world. In much the same way, this publication offers a profound reflection on the intricate landscape of relationships and personal connections as experienced by young adults. Our theme is rooted in the notion that just as the camera obscura's perspective can be flipped, rotated, and adjusted, so too can our understanding of relationships as they evolve, shift, and transform over time. "Obscura" aims to illuminate the diverse experiences, challenges, and joys that come with navigating the realm of connections in our youth.
*Design Lead